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Hi my Name is Andre Humphrey. I am the founder of Inner City Bliss. We offer trauma-informed mindful yoga and meditation to black and brown communities throughout the Bay Area. Our trauma-informed programming offers an alternative approach to mental health management.

I created this page because I love Louise Hay. Her work has helped me tremendously along my healing journey. Apparently you all feel the same. The philanthropist in me wanted the world to have access to her teachings without worrying about money. This PAGE IS NOT MONETIZED. I’d love for you to show your gratitude for these videos by becoming a patron and subscribing to our non-profits YouTube page.

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Mindset and Myths About Success

Success online or offline in your organization is everything about your attitude. Any kind of effective person that began with absolutely no will confirm that.

5 Stages of Defining Success in Your Life

Lugging on with an effective life is something that every person desires and think when it’s claimed that there are no problems affixed to it. However, it is not something simple either. In the occasion that you require to experience success and carry on with the life that you have constantly dreamt about, this is the perfect place for you to arrive on and learn. What you are going to locate here is ultimately going to become your undertakings to attaining success.

How To Win at Everything

Having the ability to prove to on your own absolutely nothing is difficult is a terrific sensation I wish every human can experience. When we take a look at every one of the wonderful success in life, those creations were known to be difficult in lots of people’s minds. But as soon as it was produced, individuals began to alter their perspective.

The Simple (Sometimes Easy) Way of Getting What You Want

Just how the act of asking can help you effectively achieve your objectives. It’s straightforward, yet effective.

The 2 Step Sales Process

Unless you are marketing a small economical product, it is challenging, otherwise difficult, to make a sale with a single telephone call. You practically always need to make one more telephone call. Why not plan for it and also mirror this truth in your speech practices?

Show Up for Success – Little Johnny Likes to Play Ball

You may have a clue what you desire to make with your life, and also even have an excellent idea exactly how you desire to accomplish your dreams, but if you never ever trouble to take the very first action, and you never follow via, how can you anticipate those to occur? Life occurs when we turn up. When we do whatever it requires THERE for the events essential to achieve our goals, we complete greatness. Be there. Program up. Play the video game as you’re implied to play and also you’ll accomplish your biggest dreams.

Community: Growing Together!

This post is all concerning the purpose of the community we develop around us. It reviews the demand for a favorable goal oriented community that helps us expand and also elevate our quality of life. It discusses the three type of individuals we intend to see in our neighborhood which are, the ones that support, Inspire, as well as encourage us. The post additionally gives a phone call to activity for us to replicate and also end up being people much like them.

6 Habits of Successful People

It must be not a surprise that effective individuals do specific things in different ways from everyone else. The behaviors they create increases their efficiency by permitting them to locate smarter ways to work as well as maintaining them healthy and balanced sufficient to deal with larger needs. This write-up discusses 6 routines of effective people.

Achieving SUCCESS: Even While You Sleep Through Visualization (Part 1 of 2)

Your subconscious mind is at job at all times, functioning 24-hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While your conscious mind will shut down momentarily when you go to sleep, the subconscious mind will certainly remain to function on, even while you are sleeping.

Achieving SUCCESS: Even While You Sleep Through Visualization (Part 2 of 2)

The conscious mind has actually always been limiting and also more prone to pessimism and conveniently approves unfeasibility due to its logic as well as reasonable compose, while the subconscious mind is without all that limitation, as well as is entirely positive, it is a daydreamer, and also an innovator, an issue solver, a pioneer as well as with an attitude of anything is possible, and also is much more happy to approve power ideas and new ideas. That is excellent to understand and it certainly is fantastic to recognize you can take advantage of the amazing subconscious mind to achieve significant successes …

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