Taking a Breather

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Our mission is to bring peace, tranquility and well being to millions of people in all corners of the earth. We are convinced that there is far more harmony and splendor in the world than the media would have us believe. As you can see through our presentation, much peace and beauty can be found in nature, music and art. We also possess an amazing ability to create our own composure simply by closing our eyes, taking a deep breath, and then slowly releasing it.

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Created and produced by:
Patricia Crane, PhD & Rick Nichols,
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Jeff Warner, L2Leather Enterprises

Photography by:
Karen McKee
Patricia Crane, Ph.D.
Rick Nichols

Music by:
Randall Leonard, Melting Snow / Thirsty Flowers

Special thanks to:
The late Randall Leonard for his beautiful music.
Randalls family for permission to use his music.

Our gratitude goes to our dear friend the late Karen McKee for her photography and more importantly, for her love. Heartfelt thanks to Karen’s husband, Bill Mayo, for permission to use Karens photos.

It’s Not a Matter of If You’ll Fail, It’s When

Failing is unpreventable. I recognize that may seem like an adverse mindset, but it’s the truth. And, it’s not a bad thing. When you approve this reality, it changes you. You no more really feel like a failure when something doesn’t exercise. You recognize it’s foregone conclusion, as well as you simply go on. Sadly that’s not just how the majority of us check out failing. And that mindset really avoids us from moring than happy and successful.

Real Personal Power Via Surrender

The title of this article may be confusing to some; I require to state that upfront. Power and surrender are not typically combined with each other. But they remain in a Gospel setting. This is absolutely nothing brand-new to Christians, obviously. However the world is deluded when it urges on requiring and also regulating for power, for that kind of power is a fabrication psychological of the purveyor. Real source of power is at the various other extreme; power not via force, but with abandonment.

These Resolutions Really Stressed Me Out!

I’ll admit, like numerous, I haven’t constantly stuck to my resolutions. But I have actually discovered to provide myself another opportunity to make it right. Below’s a glimpse at exactly how a little treatment can smooth the course– as well as make those challenging objectives possible.

Who Says You Only Get One Chance?

Exactly how would certainly you such as a 2nd chance at New Year’s-design renewal with some mild, me-focused resolution ideas? The year could not be new any longer, yet you still have plenty of opportunity to case greater health and also satisfaction!

Your Success Development – Keep The Goal Setting Steps Simple

Some individuals have a trouble making use of the acknowledged objective establishing steps if they are unsure what they want or they do not recognize exactly how to put their goals in perspective. They know they intend to boost some components of their life and they agree to work with transforming them. But they have difficulty in fact listing their objectives as well as then giving them some top priority and period.

You Can’t Control The Wind

As a sailor for lots of years I needed to learn really early that my job was not to attempt as well as influence the wind in my sails, yet to do the most effective I could to benefit from its direction, pressure and speed so I can guarantee a safe and successful trip despite my location goal. Sort of like life in some cases would not you concur?

The Transition Lifecycle: Managing the Ebb and Flow of Your Career

Career shifts impact us all eventually in life. Discovering exactly how to utilize brand-new devices, discover brand-new means of using old devices, as well as learning how to “stroll in brand-new shoes” takes courage as well as, fairly typically, help from others along the method.

If You Want to Live in Mediocrity, Be My Guest – If Not, Read This Article

Recently, I was going over the 80/20 policy with a company expert. Specifically we were discussing how in any type of given market that 20% of the individuals were doing all the job, as well as the various other 80% were using up room, and also just doing a half-assed effort, if not living in mediocrity in their own lives when they weren’t on the task. Yes, it takes all kinds doesn’t. Currently then, if you are one of the 80% and also you desire to live in mediocrity this would not be the post to review, just go on as well as do what you’ve always done, and you can anticipate similar outcomes.

Achieving Success In Life – Can You Make The Commitment To Your Success Development?

Life is difficult – or had not you seen? It can be difficult to work out specifically what you desire out of life. It can be unsubstantiated you can come to be a success in life. It can be difficult to establish goals. It can be difficult to commit to a strategy that requires consistent focus as well as self-control. Once you understand life is tough and also you will certainly deal with failures as well as disappointments, you will certainly have a much better chance of taking care of it.

Is Learning Spanish Really Difficult?

I will state it all come down to your speed and degree of understanding in addition to how severely you want to understand it as one of your key languages. However ought to you really feel that you are spending method too much time on memorizing basic grammar and vocabulary, go and also check out prolonged lists of words, verbs and nouns which have actually been frequently buffooned upon while you remain in an unfamiliar setting attempting your ideal to sound like an indigenous Spanish.

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