Love Your Body – Louise Hay Audio Book 400 Affirmations to Heal Your Body

Hi my Name is Andre Humphrey. I am the founder of Inner City Bliss. We offer trauma-informed mindful yoga and meditation to black and brown communities throughout the Bay Area. Our trauma-informed programming offers an alternative approach to mental health management.

I created this page because I love Louise Hay. Her work has helped me tremendously along my healing journey. Apparently you all feel the same. The philanthropist in me wanted the world to have access to her teachings without worrying about money. This PAGE IS NOT MONETIZED. I’d love for you to show your gratitude for these videos by becoming a patron and subscribing to our non-profits YouTube page.

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3 Simple Steps to Be What You Wanna Be

Be, what you wan na be, Taking things the means, they come, Absolutely nothing is as good as discovering heaven as well as Being in the summertime sunlight. Living live the easy way, Obtained your way to allow it run, Absolutely nothing is as trendy as wandering in the sunlight light, Being in the summertime sun. La lala the summer sunlight, La lala the summer sun, Nothing is as trendy as wandering in the sun light, Sitting in the summer season sunlight.

Failure Is Simply Success in Disguise

All of us fear failure and also when it occurs it really feels like a genuine collection back, however really when you transform your reasoning and also check out a failing as just a course to success it ends up being less complicated to accept. This short article is regarding turning Failings right into Successes as well as staying motivated to conquer them.

Increasing Your Impact At Work

Just how do we make a greater influence at the workplace? Exactly how do we get the exposure that we require to get advertised? These are the concerns resolved in this article which takes a look at what we can do to make certain that we are seen and also listened to at the office.

The Gate Keepers of Success – The Essential Strategy to Achieve Success In All Areas of Your Life

In life, we have actually been educated and also have actually learned just how to respond to practically every circumstance we are confronted with. We are set to connect particular situations with sensation negative, being distressed and also entering into a downward adverse spiral. The truth is, your response to any circumstance is totally under your control; the only reason it isn’t is since your existing idea is that it isn’t. After years of research study and also putting the suggestions I will share with you right into method in my very own life, I uncovered among my favored universal laws, which I like to explain making use of the “Gate Keepers of Success” analogy. If utilized correctly, this sort of reasoning can take you to new heights of accomplishment beyond what you ever before thought possible.

Manage With Life Challenges Easily And Effortlessly

For many individuals life is difficult and there are numerous challenges within it which they have to face as well as overcome. Occasionally it resembles there is a never ending battle, with money concerns, troubles with their children and also violent relationships all sources of fear. If you read this article it is most likely because you have grown tired life’s issues and also would certainly much like to be a happy human being.

The Next Paradigm Shift In Your Future Could Help Others

Have you asked on your own exactly how you can share your value with others and also aid them have the standard change? One means is to ask yourself, “Are there a great deal of people like me?” Am I Happy to be to life, awake and also conscious? Can you say, “I enjoy my life?”

Top 5 Fearless Boss Rules Of Success

Wish to be your own boss and also obtain points you want in life? Here are the leading 5 rules of success that you can use to accomplish your business and personal goals.

What’s Worth Doing?

However before you trade off today for tomorrow, take into consideration all the end results and also make certain you want to state, “Whether or not it works out as wished, this deserves doing.” And also that will certainly assist you live your day the means you intend to live your life.

Elephants Make Horrible Giraffes

Where you expend your energy is essential if you intend to optimize your success in any kind of given quest. Concentrate on what you can do to enhance rather than what you believe you need to do to improve.

The First Step Towards Financial Freedom – Will You Take It?

Eleanor Roosevelt stated “It’s your life – but just if you make it so.” It is necessary to develop your vision of monetary flexibility, so that like Eleanor says, you can make your life. Due to the fact that, if you don’t make your very own life, I can assure you somebody will make it for you. Will you take the very first step?

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