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Hi my Name is Andre Humphrey. I am the founder of Inner City Bliss. We offer trauma-informed mindful yoga and meditation to black and brown communities throughout the Bay Area. Our trauma-informed programming offers an alternative approach to mental health management.

I created this page because I love Louise Hay. Her work has helped me tremendously along my healing journey. Apparently you all feel the same. The philanthropist in me wanted the world to have access to her teachings without worrying about money. This PAGE IS NOT MONETIZED. I’d love for you to show your gratitude for these videos by becoming a patron and subscribing to our non-profits YouTube page.

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Toss Your Notes Out the Window

Too typically when you’re hanging onto your plans, working like insane to make them occur, the actual opportunity passes right by and you’ve missed out on something great – perhaps even something extraordinary. Next time you find yourself on the control side of the line, take a deep breath, throw your notes, and deal with what’s truly there.

Inviting “NO” As An Answer: A Tool For Getting To The Real Issues

The word “No” is one of one of the most been afraid words in any kind of language. Why? Due to the fact that it suggests that you are not going to get whatever it is that you wanted. But, is that what it actually suggests? What happens if I told you that “No” ought to be deemed a favorable word rather than an unfavorable one. You most likely assume I have actually lost my mind, yet I desire you to delight me for a minute. Allow’s analyze why words “No” must be welcomed, as a matter of fact invited, rather than being feared.

Good Habits Increase Personal Success, Including Health, Wealth and Relationships

Reaching your selected destination can be an obstacle, it can be long and it can set you back a huge quantity of initiative and also cash. Nonetheless, I believe anything is feasible when you decide to take the necessary steps in the direction of and often away from old routines that have shown to give you the result you are no more satisfied with or in fact never ever wanted to begin with.

Top 5 Tips on How to Have a Wealthy Mindset

If you are assuming that the only thing that divides a bad man from an affluent guy is cash then you are seriously mistaken. A wealthy mindset is the something that makes rich people genuinely rich and provides the unfortunate ones an opportunity to get richer. It is quite noticeable to state that with a wealth way of thinking as well as some business owner features, you can be fairly certain that you will succeed in whatever service you are going right into.

Let Go Of The Survival Mindset For A Successful Life

Survival attitude is a taught reaction to life. Realize your power to develop purposely using these suggestions to obtain you started to a successful life.

Are You Ready To Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Most of us have obtained so beaten down by life that we have essentially surrendered on our dreams, our desires and also our passions. Once we permit life to make us toss in the towel, then that is completion to any external success we may have the possible to achieve. It remains in the difficult times that we require to hold on to our desires, wishes and our enthusiasms. When we stop dreaming, then life will have the ability to drain us of our power, our internal drive. That is when we will start to feel burnt-out, exhausted, depressed, our shoulders start to go down and we just quit on life. Life is what you make it, however to make it, we require to be existing in our life, front and also center.

Think You’ve Failed? Think Again

How do you really feel when you do not do well? Inhibited? Depressed?

Learn From Failure And Become A Top Performer

We can either use failing to beat us or instruct us. Using the learning cycle this article reveals just how to gain lessons from failing as well as proceed.

Effort: Between You And You

Continuous effort – not stamina or intelligence – is the essential to unlocking our potential. – Winston Churchill. What happens if I informed you could inform your mother she could quit her tasks, she doesn’t need to go in and also work 2 and also 3 work any longer. What if I informed you your children would never ever have to be discovered wanting what others had. What if I told you can transform the globe permanently right. What happens if I told you there was just one thing you needed in order for you to be successful, to recognize every wish, every objective, every desire you’ve ever had.

The Highway Of Life

In the last three days, I invested over 16 hrs when driving. A great deal of driving, a whole lot of detours, some disappointment, a whole lot of bad drivers, and also the uncovering of towns which I had never recognized to exist before. The further I drove, the extra I recognized exactly how this trip was rather reflective of life, and also its weave. Sometimes great, often not so great, however constantly an adventure, if you enable it to be.

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