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Hi my Name is Andre Humphrey. I am the founder of Inner City Bliss. We offer trauma-informed mindful yoga and meditation to black and brown communities throughout the Bay Area. Our trauma-informed programming offers an alternative approach to mental health management.

I created this page because I love Louise Hay. Her work has helped me tremendously along my healing journey. Apparently you all feel the same. The philanthropist in me wanted the world to have access to her teachings without worrying about money. This PAGE IS NOT MONETIZED. I’d love for you to show your gratitude for these videos by becoming a patron and subscribing to our non-profits YouTube page.

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Released on: 2018-08-07

A Key To Success – Gratitude!

Have you become so ‘active’ in life that you are overlooking all the true blessings that you have? I understand that many individuals are just as well hectic running from one life occasion to another to also stop and also observe a lovely sundown – a smile on someone’s face – enjoy a fabulous dish.

How To Get The Right Mindset For Financial Freedom

The kind of individual growth that creates true wide range as well as genuine success requires time. Whatever you do today, you can’t construct million buck bank account before you go to sleep. In this write-up, I talk about the right state of mind for accomplishing financial flexibility.

How Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Are Blocking Your Success and What You Can Do About It Right Now

Your self-limiting ideas – the negative things you inform on your own, are typically in charge of holding you back from fantastic strides ahead. This short write-up will certainly offer you some beneficial suggestions on how to identify and alter your negative, self-limiting ideas as well as start reprogramming your subconscious for positive change instead.

Self-Imposed Limitations and Success

When you really feel that something big will break for you, and after that it does not, you have held on your own back in some capability. Even if you believe positive doesn’t imply you will certainly maintain going up. In enhancement to having a fantastic mindset, you need to make use of essential believing to obtain around self-imposed restrictions and you need to have the confidence to appear that barrier. If you ever hear yourself saying, that you should never attempt something once more that you as soon as failed at, you have actually established a self-imposed limitation. If you ever before hear on your own saying, “no person I understand has ever had the ability to do that” you have set a restriction on your own. This sort of thinking sets a constraint to your mind.

Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Quitting

Surrendering is the worst thing in life. Hope is the stuff that fuels life. Simply like an automobile can not take you anywhere without gas, our lives finish up being totally pointless, aimless, and directionless without hope. As such, this item checks out some concepts on the most effective ways to stay inspired without quitting. In this short article, examples of males and women who declined to quit and also ones that continued up until they accomplished groundbreaking success are gone over.

Humility – The Secret to Success

When we consider success, objectives, desires, we ask yourself, we ask inquiries, we obtain interested. Some of the inquiries that bubble up are: Is there a trick?

Living Above the Line or How to Live Life Without Making Excuses

To live a life of success requires being responsible for the outcomes in our life. This article highlights the qualities needed to live above the line and attain the success you want.

Is Your To Do List Holding You Back?!

In a culture that likes productivity as well as getting things done NOW, are we slaves to our to do list? Slaves to efficiency and also our agenda? Our to do checklist isn’t bad, yet suppose it’s the one point holding us back from imagination, exceeding expectations, and also actually enjoying our day?!

How to Use the Snooze Button and Achieve Success

There is an amount of time so beneficial and it is there nearly daily but few people utilize it. The time in between your alarm system going off and when you struck snooze is time that is shed to lots of but located by a couple of. Utilizing this time is what separates the typical man from the effective guy as well as those who utilize it are called “Efficient Snoozers”. Here are four steps to coming to be a “effective snoozer” and also helping you achieve success.

7 Incredibly Strategies to Start Living An Abundant Life

As you spend even more time on significant tasks, your life will certainly come to be extra meaningful. If you purposefully prepared your day, arrange, focus on and simplify your life by focusing your time on the appropriate tasks, your life might change over night. Discover these 7 strategies to radically change your life to quickly reveal wealth, wellness and joy into your life.

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