How to Style ONE Dress THREE Ways- Lavenda’s Closet

Yayyyy! I’m so excited to share the first official video of my YouTube channel! For this first video I’m styling one dress three different ways to show how to freshen up your closet with a staple dress.

Thanks for all the support and feedback so far. Please leave additional comments and questions below… Sending everyone my love!

Special thanks to Aris Juson for directing me in this first video and Oscar Ortiz for the amazing footage.

Walking In Integrity

Leviticus 19:13 (AMPC) “You will not rip off or suppress your neighbour or rob him; the salaries of a hired servant shall not stay with you all night until morning.” Beloved people of God, the Lord Jesus Christ made us comprehend that a neighbor is, in the Parable of the Do-gooder (Luke 10:25 -37). A neighbor is any type of individual you have actually encountered throughout your daily life and also not simply the individual you live next door to in your home.

Knowledge Is The Most Powerful Weapon

Knowledge is the most powerful tool you are ever mosting likely to contend your disposal. It is not a gun, a sword or a bomb because the best tool you will certainly have if you actually want to make a modification is what you find out. So, any place you are right now in life, I desire you to shed that into your mind.

Givers Or Takers In Life – Who Wins?

In the beginning look you might presume that takers do much better in life, obtain even more as well as accomplish greater success and also even wealth than providers. Nevertheless, depending on exactly how you desire to define these four results consider; providers live longer, are healthier, effect others in a much more favorable and long-term means, obtain ill less and have higher internal tranquility and also joy and also takers have the opposites of every one of these. So, allow me ask you – if you could select which of the above team you would certainly be in as you go through your life and its years as well as situations – what’s your choice?

Afraid of Change – Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you a person who can not seem to head out of your convenience zone? What does it seem like to approach something that you are not comfortable with?

Focus On Yourself

If you’re in service, are wanting to enter the world of company, or read regarding various suggestions to do with service, there is * one * item of recommendations you require to succeed – focus on yourself. Currently, clearly “concentrating on yourself” is a broad declaration and is not most likely to win over several clients. The factor is that if you’re considering coming to be effective * in your own best * (IE as your very own “employer”), you need to be completely concentrated on YOUR life, not another person’s.

Success Tip – Relentless Self Focus

If you intend to achieve success, quit concentrating on other people’s lives. As paradoxical as it is – coming to be completely – as well as entirely – numb to exterior influence is just one of (otherwise “the”) most effective ways to start to make significant progression in life. This write-up checks out the values and risks of doing this.

Resistors Or Acceptors In Life – Who Wins

Today we are hearing a whole lot regarding “resistance” and not just in national politics. Is this a significant concern when it pertains to success, company as well as or profession growth, far better and also boosting relationships, wellness, and almost every life scenarios or does it matter in any case your strategy or perspective concerning this topic? The response is – yes – whether you are a ‘resistor or an acceptor’ issues in numerous ways when it concerns locations of life that you may not have thought about. Even if you disagree with someone does not make you a resistor as well as just due to the fact that you accompany something does not make you an acceptor. What I am describing below is a broader analysis of these two life techniques as well as just how either way of thinking influences, not simply the bigger life problems however the refined ones too.

There Are Three Types Of People

Yes, there are numerous kinds of people however, they all fall right into one of 3 groups (for the sake of this write-up) – yes people, no people as well as maybe individuals. Allow me explain. However prior to I do, let me be clear – your response to the complying with will have a tendency to be an automated fast response to what you review. Simply put, you will be an example of what the factor of the write-up actually is – you will have an indeed, a no or a maybe action to the material of this article as well as what and just how I share it. OK, since that’s out of the means, on to the material.

Project Planning: Start With the Ending to Make Your Best Beginning

Getting going on a job doesn’t have to be a huge hurdle for you. When you try starting with the end, you’ll be shocked at exactly how that adjustments your viewpoint and what gets released up.

Learning Or Unlearning?

Knowing is either a passive or active procedure, yet unlearning need to be and also can just be an active procedure. Yet initially a few crucial inquiries. Suppose you are learning stuff you do not need, will never ever utilize or is a waste of time and also resources? What happens if you are discovering stuff that is wrong or simply actually short-term? What happens if you are not learning what is or could be one of the most valuable lessons of your life as you move on? Suppose a few of your prejudices, point of views, history, perspectives – whatever – are preventing you from discovering what you need to discover to be pleased, effective or satisfied? Foolish questions? I do not assume so.

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