HOW to SPEAK and LISTEN to your PARTNER about Something Difficult

Unrestricted Thoughts: Effective and healthy communication is one of the most important elements of a successful relationship. In this video, Dr. Maha explains some of the key elements and suggestions on how to speak in a clear and constructive way, and how to listen actively and empathetically.

Dr. Maha Nasrallah-Babenko has a PhD in Psychology and a Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy. She is committed to your sexual and relationship healing and wellness. She offers coaching, consulting, workshops, retreats, and intensives to individuals, couples, and businesses to promote a more positive and healthy relationship with sex and your loved ones



4 Secrets Of Success

Being effective is something that is not educated in school and also rarely by our moms and dads or peers. Usually we are told to follow what various other individuals do and also a great deal of the moment we are compared to other people and made to feel much less than adequate for not measuring up. Many individuals’s concept of success after that comes to be obscured as well as hidden within them. It comes to be something we feel other individuals anticipate us to do and we rarely make the effort to look inwards as well as discover what it truly is that makes our heart sing.

How to Create Powerful Momentum by Giving Thanks

It’s been my experience that when I’m feeling happy, I’m in a happier state of mind total. I’m confident concerning the future and have a clear perspective regarding the present. I like to make it an early morning habit of starting off my day from this place. I run via whatever I’m feeling glad for. In some cases it’s as tiny as checking out the hand trees as well as feeling grateful I reside in an exotic area – it does additionally remind me just exactly how huge of a dream come true it was for us to move here:-RRB- My “attitude of appreciation” technique truly does provide the day a favorable commence!

Now Is the Perfect Time to Make a Shift!

Annually around this time, because I was concerning twenty-five, I would whisper to myself, “I can not believe it is Christmas currently”. And also when again, I go to that area; astonished Thanksgiving is already behind and the thrill of the holidays is upon me (and you). Nevertheless, the last pair of years have educated me to transform my mind approached the speeding clock; as well as to instead claim to myself, “Wow, what will the brand-new year bring?”

Presentations Made Easy

It’s 4:40 pm, and you obtain an instant message from your boss suggesting she requires you to assemble a twenty-minute presentation on the brand-new procedure renovation campaigns for the Board tomorrow early morning at ten o’clock. When you recover from the preliminary shock of the directive, it’s time to collect your ideas – and also your data – and get to work.

How to Avoid the Seven Biggest Career Mistakes to Be One Step in Front of Everyone Else

Over the last 10 years the world of work has actually altered dramatically. Many individuals have been captured out because they are still clinging to an obsolete theory of work. Today business reorganise; tasks adjustment as well as go away; redundancies happen; and also even the fortunate ones get dissatisfied, overworked and also underpaid. Continue reading for practical overview on exactly how to remain one action ahead of everybody else by preventing the seven biggest job mistakes.

Surround Yourself With Success

Successful people do one point – they COMMIT. To themselves, to their dream, to individuals they are right here to offer and also to deep space.

The Importance Of Words

“You can measure a man by the opposition it requires to discourage him.” Robert C. Savage The value of words is the most essential ingredient to success in anything you do.

Keep Knocking Even If The Door Is Closed: Success Is Possible – Part 1

I really hope today is the day that you will be considering your life in a various means; your dreams can happen. I motivate you not to leave it to chance. The very first think you intend to have is a DREAM and after that you will be able to apply these actions to achieve your desire.

Tips for Finding Success – How to Eliminate Distractions

Among the most essential tips for finding success is to have a strong belief in what you are trying to attain. Lots of people who have actually attained success are single-minded – they are focused entirely on their goals. They can refrain from doing this unless they believe they have a worthwhile goal. You need to have this same idea and feeling of commitment if you desire to get rid of interruptions.

5 Success Strategies in the 21st Century

Have you ever wondered why some individuals are winners while others are not? Do these so called “victors” really have success methods that you can adhere to as well as adjust in your very own life? Actually they do! Winning in the 21st century might be available in the form of luck, yet it really takes a lot of enthusiasm, dedication, tough work and the determination to prosper. These champions adhere to the exact same principles which any individual can do on the roadway to success.

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