How I Contour and Highlight- A How to with Glo Minerals

Take a peek at all my secret makeup tricks for a natural contour and highlights!
I will also show you what works best for covering blemishes and how to use your lip colors as a blush!
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All the products I used for the contour and highlight tutorial are list below.

Luxe Foundation Brush-

Luxe Liquid Foundation (Colors used were Almond and Tahini)-

Luxe Liquid Bright Concealers (includes all three colors)-

Glo Minerals Lipstick (colors used were snapdragon and vixen)-

Some After thoughts*

The almond color foundation ended up being a bit too light and pink for my skin tone.

I think I should have blended the two for my base (the tahini has a golden undertone and is dark) and then contoured with something as dark at the truffle. If blended well, this much darker color would have giving me a deep, but natural contour line.

I highly recommend their foundation brush. I’ve tried similar ones that shed or feel bristly. This one is soft while still maintaining it’s broad, flat shape.

Everything else I tried was AMAZING and I will be sharing some of their new lip colors soon as well! I’m OBSESSED with their entire Matte line! What I wore here is from their main lipstick and I was impressed with the high pigment and moisture of each stick.

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Stop Pandering, Pampering, Coddling Certain Employee Groups – It’s Stupid

Let me state from the start – I will certainly ensure many individuals who read this post will certainly disagree with my premises, however here’s the issue – just since I created it doesn’t make it real and simply because you may differ with it does not make it incorrect. Now that we have that out of the means. Allow me additionally discuss that trends throughout the years have constantly ended as well as been changed with various, more recent or even more timely ones as the future was unveiled – so consider that this trend of letting the demands, worries or desires of a present team of people (or staff members) determine the total technique of just how we should handle our company may not be the ideal approach for the long term – as one team relocates right into the following phase of life they will certainly be replaced with yet one more team that may have different needs, wants or way of living.

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