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Hi my Name is Andre Humphrey. I am the founder of Inner City Bliss. We offer trauma-informed mindful yoga and meditation to black and brown communities throughout the Bay Area. Our trauma-informed programming offers an alternative approach to mental health management.

I created this page because I love Louise Hay. Her work has helped me tremendously along my healing journey. Apparently you all feel the same. The philanthropist in me wanted the world to have access to her teachings without worrying about money. This PAGE IS NOT MONETIZED. I’d love for you to show your gratitude for this videos by subscribing to our non-profits YouTube page.

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Thank you for your support and safe travels on your healing journey.

Darling · Beautiful Chorus

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Released on: 2015-06-14

4 Simple Steps to Create Winning Habits

Among the best determinants of our life’s success or failures is our behaviors. They are the interior forces that regulate the majority of our thoughts, feelings practices and also results. 90% of all our thoughts and also actions are habitual. If you are not satisfied of where you are right now, feeling stuck as well as begin shedding your motivation, it is time for you to break the old habits that have been undermining you and to replace them with brand-new encouraging habits that will certainly thrust you with little initiative towards success. Here are 4 easy actions that you can find out and use quickly to produce any type of effective practices that you want today.

7 Things You Can Do To Simplify Your Life

Where are you entering life? Do you really feel bewildered by tonnes of workload, dedication and obligations that are draining you away? Do you really feel exhausted? Emotionally as well as physically tired to do points that you constantly wanted to do? It’s simple to lose your method in this rapid speed, technology driven globe today where individuals are anticipating us to do even more, faster with less time. Allow’s have a look on just how you can place on your own back on best track, revitalise your life as well as reignites your engine of interest.

Interview Questions and How to Prepare for an Interview

Find out pointers about exactly how to respond to common interview questions. Also discover just how to plan for a meeting and where to obtain help.

Top 10 Ways To TURBO-CHARGE Your Life For Success

This short article offers a variety of methods you can switch your life into a higher gear as well as achieve the gratification you prefer. The ten actions it presents are extremely useful and also valuable in this day as well as age. And also, the steps are likewise extremely easy.

Success and Greatness

Success and greatness are never ever an offered they need to be earned. Success is the most basic point, to attain it; you just require to do what various other individuals considers to be really hard. Great and also Successful leaders are welders, they attempt to bring things together and as such they reinforce their empires.

Why You Are Not Successful

One day I was assessing why I had not yet attained success in my battling service. I wondered why it was taking so long for the popularity and also ton of money to come rolling in.

Make the Dreams Come True

The distinction in between people that are living as well as those that just exist is that the former have their very own dreams and decision to satisfy the dreams while the latter just live life someday at once not knowing where they will certainly reach go. If you have a dream to seek, then every day you will live your life to the maximum with the selection you have actually made and have strong motivation so as to get over obstacles. The essence of the matter, nevertheless, is exactly how you satisfy your dream.

How To Break Bad Habits And Create Success Habits

Bad habits stop success in life and company, yet that is not all. Bad behaviors diminish self-esteem, self-control, and your capability to make points take place. In order to succeed in life as well as service, you need to ruin your poor techniques as well as replace them with great techniques.

Secrets to Helping Your Subconscious Learn Freedom, Independence and Success!

An Oak tree if you’ve never ever considered, consider the toughness of the human spirit and also all of the human beings on this planet. You can assume and also consider. An Oak tree can expand with strength, and also will certainly never be relocated. When we consider ourselves we start out as babies.

A 7 Step Process to Get You and Your Business Noticed By Those With the Money To Buy

Have you ever before questioned what it would certainly take to shift from your job to a business and also just how you can make it take place? Below are 7 Steps to obtain Your Organization noticed as well as to reach even more customers for your product or solution.

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