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A short, attentive meditation session is better than a 45-minute session where we’re falling asleep, distracted, or frustrated. This simple breathing pattern meditation is under 10 minutes long and can have a very calming effect on the body. It also focuses our attention on our mind to create balance. It’s also a great meditation for children!
This breathing technique originates in the Yogic Pranayama tradition. In English, we call it “box breathing” because we’re going to inhale for a count of four, hold our breath for a count of four, exhale for a count of four, and then hold our breath again for a count of four.

I recommend that you breathe through your nose—in and out of your nose—but you can also breathe in and out of your mouth if you like. If your mind gets distracted, or if you start thinking, “Why is Matteo counting so slowly?” or,  “Why is he counting so quickly?”, remember that those are just thoughts. When you notice thoughts, just let go of them and come back to the practice each time.

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